Before commencing the lessons of the DRET unit here are some tips and tricks to consider before starting.

DRET is viewed best in Chrome or Firefox.

Make sure you have your schools IT approval to view YouTube videos.

Clear the browsing history of your device before each lesson.

Save your answers of a quiz by clicking the ‘NEXT’ button at the end of the quiz before moving to the next part of the lesson.

Lessons should be completed in a session. You can move away from your device for a short time. If you plan on going away to recess or lunch then leave your device on and return to the lesson to complete.

If you want to exit the DRET unit or turn off your device then click the ‘Save and continue later’ option at the bottom of the quiz page and copy the link elsewhere, or email the link to yourself. Make sure you do this before you turn off your device. This link expires after 30 days and when it has been used.

At the end of the lesson and completion of all the quizzes on your page click ‘Submit’ and then ‘Save your quiz answers as a PDF’ button. You can now save the PDF of your work to a share folder, email to yourself or print.

There is also a printable quiz worksheet attachment of the quiz questions of a lesson if you do not want to do the quiz online.

Optional activities in a lesson are for students who work through the activities and quizzes of the lesson before the 60 minutes. These activities are optional and are not compulsory to complete as part of the lesson outcomes.