The Disaster Resilience Education Tasmania resource is a Tasmania Fire Service Bushfire-Ready Schools initiative.

Bushfire-Ready Schools objective is to promote community resilience to bushfire, through supporting education centres in bushfire-prone areas to manage their bushfire risk.

This is important to the Tasmania Fire Service because:

  • School children are a vulnerable section of our community;
  • Schools are a key community asset, often central to a community; and
  • Schools have a duty of care to provide a safe workplace for staff and students.

Bushfire-Ready Schools website provides more information on safer school facilities and school emergency management.

The Bushfire-Ready Schools program is based on the Comprehensive School Safety framework.

Comprehensive School Safety is addressed by education policy and practices aligned with disaster management at national, regional, district, and local school site levels.

It rests on three pillars: 

  1. Safe Learning Facilities
  2. School Disaster Management
  3. Risk Reduction and Resilience Education

Risk Reduction and Resilience Education best practice recognises that children and youth are agents of change and should be given the space and support to contribute to disaster risk reduction.

This can be achieved by an active learning approach in the classroom, which accepts children and youth as legitimate stakeholders and agents of change, and provides the opportunities for their genuine participation in disaster resilience.

The Disaster Resilience Schools project has been made possible with funding from the Tasmania Bushfire Mitigation Grants Program supported by the Australian Government Attorney-General Department and the Government of Tasmania.

Tasmania Fire Service acknowledges Victoria CFA and SES as the original developers of the disaster resilience education resource. Read more information on the Victorian Curriculum Natural Hazard Resilience Package.